Good morning y'all!

I hope that all of you guys are felling absolutely amazing!
Recently I've noticed that the most part of my readers come from United States.
So that made me decide that I should start writing in english, also. The following posts here on my blog is going to be written in Swedish AND English. Just to make things easier for everyone of you.

Today I'm working at home! Planning for the upcoming serie premiers are on my priority right now and also plan our future videos until the end of this year. I actually like to plan, that's something I'm good at and like to do.

At three ó clock I'm heading to the tram station. I'm going to meet up my friend, Emelie, in Gothenburg. Look in some stores and later eat some dinner at "Pinchos". It's like tapas, but "ordinary" food. They have mini burgers, mini pasta plate, mini desserts and so much more.

I wish you all a great day and let me now what you think of me writing in English!
(Even though my English is not that great, but I'll try!)

Lots of hugs!